I Love Grain: How to choose your pillow filling?

I Love Grain: How to choose your pillow filling?

I Love Grain is an exclusive brand from Poland. Their pillows are filled with grains and hulls supplied by the local famers who meet the highest standards of production. They guarantee clean, organic and pesticide free fillings in all pillows.

While falling asleep you will hear a gentle rustle of hulls and grains. It will soothe your nerves, help you fall asleep and make you feel closer to nature.

At Sleeboo we are huge fans of I Love Grain's products. They are innovative, look beautiful and improve sleep quality. 

The great thing about I Love Grain is the ability for you to customise your pillow not only in regards to the colour but also the filling - their magical grains and herbs. 

Which filling should I choose for my pillow?

We've prepared a guide to help you customise your pillow according to your needs and goals.  If you require further assistance do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@sleeboo.com. We'll be happy to help :)

Each grain and herb has unique properties - choose the one that best matches your requirements.


Millet grains contain a significant amount of phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium and bromine, vitamins B1 and B2. 

Millet and its hull give the body stability, have a positive effect on the process of wound healing and bone healing. Frequent placing in places of fractures, reduces pain and accelerates regeneration.

Small grains accumulate heat, which is why I Love Grain eye pillows, after heating them first, reduce symptoms in the area of​the head and eyes, i.e. migraine headaches, tension headaches caused by stress or pains around the eyes and eye sockets.

In the case of sinus pain, or simply clogged canals of the paranasal gland, the pillow used regularly helps often to a large extent in solving this type of problems.

This grain is gluten-​free, which is why people who are allergic to gluten often choose millet or its hull.


Buckwheat hulls are hard, but at the same time flexible, so they have the ability to adjust to the body shape. Already centuries ago they were used as filler for pillows and mattresses for rich people living in luxury. Currently, none of the artificial materials are able to compete with buckwheat in terms of comfort, ergonomics and health values.

Hypoallergenic properties – red eyes, itchy skin or early morning runny nose will soon be forgotten. Buckwheat does not cause allergy, in addition it contains theanine, a substance which hinders the development and reproduction of dust mites and bacteria.

Anti-​bedsore properties – pillows or mattresses filled with hull spontaneously adapt to the position of the lying person preventing pressure ulcers and skin sore.

Absorb moisture – scales allow a continuous exchange of heat and moisture between the body and its surroundings, which make the mattress or pillow do not heat up from the body temperature and absorbs perspiration to evaporate it into the environment.

Relaxation – buckwheat properties include neutralisation of harmful electromagnetic radiation; it is also an excellent reflector.

Stimulate microcirculation and peripheral circulation – accessories filled with buckwheat hulls can be successfully used as products for body massage, stimulating microcirculation and peripheral circulation.

Thermal comfort – a simple pillow filled with synthetic material heats up very quickly, while with buckwheat hull it maintains a constant, comfortable temperature, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing night’s sleep. This also stops the continuous turning of pillows to the cooler side.

IMPORTANT: Remember to always thoroughly dry the pillowcases before you fill them with hulls. For those who have chosen buckwheat husks we recommend buying an additional pillowcase so that every month the husk can be transferred into a fresh pillowcase, to avoid discolouration. It allows the pillowcase to remain white and retain the aesthetic qualities.


Spelt is known for many great health benefits and medicinal properties, often at an almost metaphysical level – as it is characterised by exceptionally favourable radiation, creating a healthy bio-​field, improving the work of the nervous system, minimising symptoms of depression and mitigating all sorts of aches and pains.  

Pain relief – stop morning pains of the spine and muscles. You’ll sleep like never before and the positive bio-​field generated by spelt hulls reduces discomfort in rheumatic diseases.

Anti-​sweat – sheets drenched with sweat? Is a thing of the past! Spelt hulls perfectly absorb moisture and evaporate it, your pillow will stay dry and will not heat up from body heat.

Anti-​bedsore – a loose structure of the pillow causes it to adapt to the shape of the body and does not create pressure points. It is an excellent choice for people forced to lying in one position.

Facilitate rehabilitation – reduces muscle and ligaments tension, rehabilitation activities are thus easier and more effective.

Improve blood circulation - your head and neck is gently massaged, which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.



Flaxseed has a softening, soothing, anti-​inflammatory, antibacterial, shielding, laxative, anti-​sclerotic, strengthening and regenerating properties. Externally, they may be used in chronically ill people who are forced to stay in one position for a long time (mattresses and pillows filled with flax-​seed prevent bedsores). Wraps of squeezed and infused flaxseeds are use for rheumatic pain. Eye pillows or heat pads with seeds can be used in various situations and for various purposes – analgesic, antipyretic, relaxing or massaging. 

Flaxseed provides a gentle warmth that accelerates recovery. This seed comes from a flower, therefore it contains about 30-​40% of oil, which causes it to accumulate more heat than grain and retain it for a longer time.

After heating, the eye pillow keeps its heat for at least one hour. The weight of grains is appropriate and delicate, which is why that kind of seeds are chosen by delicate people. Thanks to its anti-​inflammatory properties, flax influences the reduction of fever, therefore cooling the band in the refrigerator and placing it on the neck or head, gently and naturally lowers body temperature.

Remember that artificial temperature depression can negatively affect our immune system. Thanks to natural methods, the body can still fight the infection without weakening our immunity. Flax, thanks to the fact that it is natural, does not cool down to the degree to cause tingling or cold.


Himalayan salt contains, among others: hydrogen, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, lime, coal, copper, titanium, aluminium. After extraction, it is not subjected to additional treatment, therefore it retains its composition and an unusual pink colour. Its properties are known not only in the kitchen. 

 Pillows with salt should be found in every home because they are a safe and effective method of relieving pain and muscle tension.

The pillows work well after heating slightly and after cooling and applying for muscle aches, tendons, migraines, headaches and problems with sinuses.

It is useful in the treatment of colds, prophylaxis of arthritis, arthritis and rheumatic diseases. By both eating it or using it in the form of baths, inhalations and even additives to cosmetics bring amazing effects in improving beauty and health.

Pink salt moisturises and cleans the air, which is why it is recommended for use during sleep. A salt cushion can be used after being gently heated in the oven, in the sun or on a heater, after cooling in a refrigerator and or at a room temperature. Remember to always protect the cushion from getting dirty or soaked, so use a casserole dish before putting the cushion in the oven.


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