Chasing Zzzs: Keep cool during hot Swiss summers

Hello, dear sleep-seekers! We know the struggle - the beauty of a Swiss summer can sometimes turn into a restless, heatwave-induced nightmare.

While our commitment to the environment shines through in Switzerland's notably low residential air conditioning usage, the flip side is the occasional sleepless night as temperatures climb. Not exactly the recipe for sweet dreams, right?

Let's explore some unconventional, science-backed strategies that promise to make your summer nights cooler and more comfortable, all without the need for air conditioning!

The 'Cooling' Pulse Points      
There are certain pulse points in your body where blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin. These are your wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, and behind your knees. Applying a cool compress or washing these areas with cold water before bed can help reduce your overall body temperature.

Reconsider Your Sleep Position
According to research, the sleep position you choose can affect your body temperature. Sleeping in the 'starfish' position (lying on your back with arms and legs spread apart) can help dissipate heat and cool your body down.

Pre-Cool Your Bed        
A study from the University of Texas found that slightly cooling the brain can significantly reduce insomnia. Cooling pillows or mattress pads that use water to absorb and dissipate heat can be an effective way to achieve this. Consider repurposing your hot water bottle for the summer months. Simply fill it with icy cold water and place it in your bed about 20-30 minutes before you're ready to snooze. It's a nifty way to transform your cosy bed into a cool oasis!

Leverage the Power of Plants
According to a NASA study, some indoor plants like aloe vera, weeping fig, and snake plant can help cool down a room by releasing moisture into the air and removing toxins. Plus, they're a great way to add a touch of nature to your bedroom decor.

Spicy Foods
It might sound counterintuitive, but according to a study published in the journal "Temperature," eating spicy food can help cool you down. Capsaicin, the compound that gives chili peppers their heat, can actually help lower your body temperature by making you sweat, which cools the body as it evaporates.

Cooling bedding
The choice of bedding—your duvet, pillows, and mattress toppers—can play a crucial role in how well you sleep on warm summer nights. Modern advances in bedding technology have given rise to materials specifically designed to help regulate body temperature and provide a cooling effect.

These cooling technologies work by absorbing the excess heat from your body when you're too hot and releasing it back when you're too cold. This ensures a consistent temperature throughout the night, helping you stay comfortable and achieve better quality sleep.

You can browse our selection of cooling bedding here.

Remember, it's always important to consult with a healthcare provider or a sleep specialist if you're having consistent trouble sleeping, even after trying these strategies.

Sleep is crucial for our overall health, and everyone deserves a good night's rest, no matter the weather. Stay cool, and sweet dreams!

Joanna & Sandra

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