The role of plants in your bedroom - by Mary and Plants

We have asked our friends at Mary and Plants to help us understand the role of plants in the bedroom. At Sleeboo we love to see the lovely greens in our bedrooms - but which plants are suitable? Read on to find out and get inspired!

Easy-care oxygen producers in the bedroom 

The bedroom is not only a place for rest and relaxation, but also a place to recharge your batteries. That's why its furnishings have changed considerably over the course of time: While a bed and a chest of drawers used to complete the functional furnishings, other decorative elements were constantly added over time. Today, even pictures of bedrooms with a fancy jungle atmosphere are ubiquitous. No wonder, because plants are much more than decoration: they have a positive effect on the room climate and contribute to relaxation and calm!

In order for body and mind to recover optimally during the night, you need not only an appropriate amount of sleep but also an optimal room climate. After all, the interplay of temperature and humidity has a considerable influence on people's well-being. Since air-purifying houseplants improve the indoor climate, they are in exactly the right place, especially in the bedroom! 

Not all plants perform the same when it comes to purifying the air. That's why NASA's "Clear Air Study" examined different species, their leaves and roots, the soil and associated microorganisms of plants and tested how well they can filter pollutants from indoor air. They concluded that many plants not only convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, but also reduce the concentration of organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene or trichloroethylene. These substances are contained in many household products such as wall paint, cleaning agents, plastics, adhesives or solvents and are released into the air. Although they are not visible, they cause headaches or dizziness and irritate our eyes and respiratory tract. The green oasis in the bedroom is a natural solution and provides fresh air! 

For this reason, Mary and Plants has put together a box for you with the best houseplants for the bedroom - easy to care for, also suitable for semi-shady places and with a particularly high air-purifying effect!

These are the four green oxygen producers guaranteed to improve your sleep:

Fan Snake and Moonshine Snake
The two Sansevierias absorb CO2 even at night, convert it into oxygen and purify the air particularly efficiently from common household toxins. They are also very easy to care for and need very little water.

Golden Photos
This climbing plant is not only an eye-catcher on shelves and dressers, but also one of the most efficient plants when it comes to oxygen production. It also grows very quickly! 

Bird's Nest Fern
Ferns are among the oldest plants in the world, thrive even in shady places and contain no toxic substances. A perfect addition to your botanical oasis of well-being. 

You can easily purchase your top quality Clean Air plant box with free delivery here

About Mary and Plants

Mary chooses only the highest quality plants out of conviction GLOBAL GAP certified, sustainable breeding. These plants are raised without any use of chemical pesticides and the origin of each one is known. We believe in making such a contribution to bringing nature back into the urban hectic in a sustainable manner. 

Thanks to professional competence in biology, landscape architecture and interior design, Mary also creates aesthetically appealing overall concepts that contribute to a sustainable improvement in the quality of life. 


 Article written by Mary and Plants 

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