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We typically write about the importance of sleep and share insights and advice on how to sleep better. Sounds boring? We do our best to make it fun and stimulating. See our posts here if you haven’t seen them yet.

The more we talk about it, the more we realise how many factors contribute to a good and restful sleep. Among them are the obvious ones like stress, our habits or our lifestyle.

Sleep environment isn’t  far behind. Our bedroom environment can respectively help or interfere with  a smooth transition to sleep. Ideally it should be a perfect place in which  you can relax and forget your worries each evening.

We are intrigued by Scandinavian design which could be a great solution.

Scandinavian Design and Minimalism in the bedroom. 

One could define bedroom designed with Scandinavian principles in mind as classy, minimalist and with appealing aesthetic without appearing overdone. To name a few it can be distinguished by the following principles 

  • natural fabrics
  • wooden floorings, wooden furniture and wooden accents
  • light, neutral colours
  • natural light
  • botanical inserts (dive into great choice of lush greenery here 



Scandinavian-style room takes us straight to Northern Europe, spreading a feeling of serenity, simplicity and comfort.

 Colour palette of Scandinavian style and how it influences our mood.

Scandinavian interiors range from light and neutral shades of faded blue, grey, cream and milky whites (sometimes completed with black accents). By the way, high-contrast black walls might be a good choice for people who like to sleep in complete darkness

According to Verywellmind, colour psychology is still subject to research, but experts have already found that while colour can have an influence on how we feel and act, these effects are subject to personal and cultural factors. 

The prevailing shade of Scandinavian design is definitely white, a colour that has always symbolised cleanliness, freshness and simplicity as well as innocence and purity (in Western countries).

This might explain why Scandinavian design is not only gaining  popularity, but its minimalistic approach is on the rise since the start of global pandemic. There is a huge number of people who choose comfort and simplicity above all. Decluttering, functionality and comfortable spaces are a top priority.

If you admire the cozy and clean interior design, here are some tips you can follow to accomplish a simple yet stylish bedroom.  

6 easy tips to influence your bedroom with a touch of Scandinavian style: 

  1. Minimise according to the mantra “Less is more”. Try to keep things simple and clear. 
  2. Choose right (light) colours e.g. paint your bedroom walls any neutral color like white, beige, in order to create a warm and soothing atmosphere.
  3. Focus on natural textiles and fabrics in order to create a feeling of coziness.
  4. Bring some greenery inside.
  5. Discover “Hygge” and add some personal touches to the space that evoke feelings of happiness, relaxation and joy. 
  6. Decorate your bedroom walls with calming artwork or photographs. e recommend stunning prints of nature by  Melody Sky! Check them here.



Minimalistic and functional nightwear. A perfect fit to the Scandinavian design.

Style-wise, Dagsmejan sleepwear perfectly suits the characteristics of a Scandinavian, minimalist design. They come in a clean and simple shape with a neutral colour palette that adds the south after feeling of  coziness for a great night sleep. 


As a Nordic design company, Dagsmejan relies on holistic slow fashion which brings awareness to the processes and resources needed to produce clothes. Their sustainable approach aims to reduce resource demand for production and make sure as little as possible resources go to waste. 

We completely  fell in love with the comfort, simplicity and appealing aesthetics of their sleepwear range. Not to mention their innovative  performance fabrics which are scientifically proven to improve your sleep quality.  

There is no doubt that Scandinavian design is said to be timeless and will never go out of style.

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